Stockholm-based hard rock outfit S.K.o.R. finally release ”Rubus Tellus”, out on July 6:th 2018 on GMR Music with first single (and video) ”Bubbleman” released on iTunes and all the digital platforms on April 27:th.

S.K.o.R. (or Some Kind of Rubus) was formed in 2006 by lead vocalist Emil Gammeltoft, previously in bands like Nerved and Squeeler. The mission was to combine folk music and rock. Several EP:s and one full lenght album called ”Smorgasbord” was released in that vein. A minor hit single with ”Chop Song” happened in 2011, but apart from that several line-up changes combined with the will to rock harder again meant a change of direction from 2015.


S.K.o.R. is now ready to fire on all cylinders with ”Rubus Tellus”. Expect the band to play live all over Sweden from the summer of 2018 supporting the album.

S.K.o.R. are:


Emil Gammeltoft, lead vocals

Lorenzo Fugazza, lead guitars

Anders Thorgren, bass

Mats ”Mally” Hoxell, drums